The Organizing Committee is once again preparing for the 2018 season

Thank you to all the 2017 returning members who have registered for the festival!

If you have not yet submitted your registration form, please e-mail us with your intentions.

New Submissions

We are now prepared to receive and review new candidate submissions for the upcoming year.

please click on the “to participate” button on the top of the page for instructions

To all the 2017 members of the Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce eight new members to the list of participants for the 2017 Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay. 

  • Martin Myers – Elephant Barn
  • Jean-Noel Fortin – Elephant Barn
  • Pauline Boudreau – Canon Guston Hall
  • Lise Martel – Mairie de Canton de Stanstead
  • Letourneau/Serre – Mairie de Canton de Stanstead
  • Magalie Laniel – Mairie de Canton de Stanstead
  • Jacques Audet – Mairie de Canton de Stanstead
  • Nathalie Racicot – Mairie de Canton de Stanstead

We wish them much success in their first year with the Festival.

There will be a general meeting early in June to discuss the Festival plans and to meet your Site Managers.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dawn Neander – President

Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay

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Registration form

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay 2018.

Simply submit 10 digital photos with a resume of your artistic experience and a brief biography.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

L’Association des Artistes – Georgeville/Fitch Bay,

 P.O. Box 688 Magog,

Magog, QC   J1X 5A8

We should be notifying you with the results of the selection before February 2018.


The 2018 Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay Organizing Committee



About the Festival

LogoFestivaldesartsThe Festival des arts Georgeville-Fitch Bay dates back to the summer of 1983 when a group of local artists organized the first exhibition of their works at Murray Memorial Centre.

The festival grew steadily in importance with more artists from Fitch Bay and the surrounding areas joining in to make it a well attended annual event.

In 1987 the Elephant Barn contributed it’s space, turning the arts festival into a major ‘happening’.

As part of the Circuit des Arts between 1994-2002, our artists earned recognition and a solid reputation of excellence.

In 2003 the Association des artistes Georgeville-Fitch Bay was formed adding the lovely council chambers of the Canton Stanstead and taking the name of ‘Festival des arts Georgeville-Fitch Bay’.

Under the presidency of Mary Cartmel and later of Amanda Healey, Francoise Cloutier and Agnes McKenna Power the festival has flourished and has grown into a much anticipated cultural event in our region and beyond. We now have group exhibits in five historic sites, two in Georgeville, two in Fitch Bay and one in between.

Generally held at the end of July, it is truly a pleasure for the artists to welcome you to its celebration of colour and creativity known as the Festival des arts Georgeville-Fitch Bay.

Welcome to the 15th Edition of the Festival des Arts, Georgeville/Fitch Bay - 2017.

We, the Organizing Committee, are hoping all the 2016 participants will be returning again this year.  We have supplied a downloadable Registration Form on the site and the deadline for the RETURNING MEMBERS is November 30, 2016.

However, based on availability, we should have some spaces available for NEW MEMBERS for the 2017 Festival.  The instructions for applying may be found under the  « to participate » tab

Thank you for your support and we are once again committed to ensuring a wonderful Festival 2017.

Dawn Neander 
Président Georgeville - Association de Fitch Bay Artistes
20, Copp Square, Georgeville, 
Québec J0B 1T0